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With potential arguments breaking out left and right under this luminary, you may want to limit your interactions to those who are less likely to stir the pot. Approach all things now with a grain of salt, Gem. You're smart, Cancer, in that you're willing to say "no, thanks" to the new moon drama that has potential to unfold.

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Fire sign energy is all around, with both the sun and moon in your element's territory — so while things in your love life are pretty dreamy at the moment, be careful to not let things get out of control. Everyone has potential to snap under this luminary, so prepare to avoid it. New moon drama? Not for this Virgo queen. Warm the place up with candles, fuzzy blankets, and a few notches up on the heater to embrace this fire-ruled luminary. You can speak things into reality right now, Libra — and being the chatty air sign that you are, you'll want to make sure you're speaking from the heart as this new moon rises.

Speak your truth and you'll open up new pathways of honesty, power, and opportunity. Money is most definitely on your mind as this new moon reaches its peak, and that's great — focus your energy on yourself and looking at your current financial sitch.

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Scorpio is very researching, so we may try to get to the heart of a matter that we've been struggling to find a solution for. This sign also governs transformations, so we may embark on a new transformation of something, and hopefully that makes things better. This new moon is opposite transit Uranus in Taurus, so rebellious energy can get thrown into the mix with this new moon, and if we feel like anyone is trying to box us in, we can push back in a big way.

There may be a sudden change with this new moon or something unexpected, some erratic energy that needs to be controlled, or something impacting the masses. Keep calm and be cautious!

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The new moon occurs at 4 degrees 25 minutes Scorpio. Get started with learning how to manage challenging astro events with the 4-part series, Planetary Conqueror! Reciprocal Link: www. Privacy Policy. What is the Moon phase today? The period of the Full Moon is one of rich rewards for your hard work and dedication. The Full Moon on December 12th will bring your emotions to the surface and help you make some big decisions for your future. We reveal all here! Your ascendant sign also influences your life events.

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Figure out your ascendant with our rising sign calculator. When the Moon and the Sun are on opposite sides of the Earth, we view the Moon as being full, hence why it's known as the Full Moon. The side facing Earth is completely lit up by the Sun and appears as a disk.

The Full Moon occurs once roughly every month as shown in our Lunar calendar Checking out the Moon phase today will help you prepare for all the major Lunar events. If you worked hard during the period of the New Moon, you can look forward to enjoying the fruits of your labor during the Full Moon that follows. The Full Moon is the best known lunar phase and now, thanks to our Moon calendar , you never have to miss another one again!

Learn more about the Moon with Astrofame's selection of products:. We have the answers! Following this lunar phase, the Moon then waxes and grows bigger into what we know as a half-moon.

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The first half Moon following the New Moon is called the first quarter because the Moon is a quarter of the way though the lunar cycle phases. The term waning means the Moon is getting smaller and gibbous refers to the shape of the lunar body.

The waning gibbous Moon can be identified due to its semicircle shape. Moon phases have an effect on the oceans too, and the tides actually change in function with the Full Moon.

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Track the Full Moon dates in our Moon calendar and never miss another lunar event again. The Moon phases are due to the fact that the Moon orbits Earth, which in turn causes the part we see illuminated to change.

When the Moon travels around the Sun, it's also lit up from varying angles by the Sun causing different lunar phases.